Welcome to Forever Young by Jerold Young, the late Chairman of HWYoung Inc.
Forever Young chronicles the history of the confectionary business through the eyes of the late industry pioneer, Jerold Young. Featuring stories about the early days of brand giants Tootsie Roll, Reeses, Charleston Chew, Pez, Altoids, Ferrara and more, the book traces the evolution of the business from the old days of horse and buggy deliveries to the high tech analytics of today“Jerry wanted to create a book that would capture the unique spirit of the candy business,” explains HWY Partners Co-President Betsy Harris.
“He wrote the book to help future generations understand the early roots of the business and the ethics and values that were important then and remain important today,” adds HWY Partners Co-President Andrew Young.
We are proud to share the book with the industry and hope that Jerry’s legacy will be an inspiration to everyone in our business.
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