About Us

The HWY values

Our vision

To be the clear choice for clients, customers, and teammates.

Our mission

To drive our clients forward to exceed their goals and expectations with unstoppable passion, strength, and expertise.

Our ethics

We care deeply about helping others achieve their goals, striving to live up to the integrity of our founders.

A partner for the future

Our vision: to be the clear choice for clients, customers, and teammates.

 Our mission: to drive our clients forward to exceed their goals and expectations with unstoppable passion, strength, and expertise.

 Our values: We care deeply about helping others achieve their goals, striving to live up to the values of our founders:

  •  Honesty

Doing “the right thing” everyday

  • Well-Being

Balancing family, work, and personal development

  • Yes We Will

Take on big challenges as a team

The HWY Story

Founded in 1927 by Harold W. Young (or HWY for short) in New England as a direct salesman for the “Sweets Company of America.” He then became a broker in the 1930s. And in the almost century since, we’ve only expanded our reach across channels and categories.

Our passion is creating solutions as innovative and singular as your brand, helping you connect with your customer wherever they shop. We employ our unrivaled approach to accelerate your sales, allowing you to thrive across channels on a regional and national scale.

That’s how we build category leaders.

For our clients, we strive to uncover the inner workings of your brand – what makes you tick? How do you define success? What will it take to get you from where you are to where you want to be? It’s through those key insights that we develop a roadmap to success.

Through a carefully considered evaluation of your business and goals, we create a high touch suite of solutions backed by superior expertise, data, and analytics – all leading to growth opportunities that drive multichannel sales.

But while we are insights driven, we don’t just stop at data. Our analysts dig into the white space of the category and channel, discovering tangible solutions backed by concrete facts and figures that move the sales needle.

Whether we’re celebrating your wins or supporting you through challenging times, HWY Partners is committed to being your strategic partner through any market climate. Which is why we offer a comprehensive approach focused on relationships, not just transactions – a cooperative that we actively forge together. Let’s get started!

The HWY Difference

HWY understands the big picture and delivers on what matters to you most. We provide expertise in the services below, setting us apart as a leading CPG agency, whether across the United States, the Midwest or the Great Lakes region.


Our extensive sales network is one of our key strengths.


Our Analytics & Strategy team provides industry-leading insights.


Equipped to handle your order processing, logistics support, and forecasting needs.


Providing your brand the support needed to succeed in any retail environment.


Enhancing your customer’s experience and driving sales in all modalities.


We work to understand the best way to deliver your message.


Emerging Brands
Focused on helping emerging companies build their brand in the CPG industry.

How we build those category leaders:

Value-added sales solutions

Unique access

Deep regional coverage

Best in class analytics

Vertical structure to drive execution

industry associations from nation broker associations

● NCA – National Confectioners Association

● NCSA – National Confectionery Salesmen Association

● MFA – Massachusetts Food Association

● NECSEMA – New England Convenience Store & Energy Markets Association

● NAMA – National Association of Automatic Merchandisers

● NYACS – New York Association of Convenience Stores

● NACS – National Association of Convenience Stores

● SFA – Specialty Food Associatio

Forever Young - A history of our company

“Forever Young” chronicles the history of the confectionery business through the eyes of the late industry pioneer, Jerold Young. Featuring stories about the early days of brand giants Tootsie Roll, Reeses, Charleston Chew, Pez, Altoids, Ferrara and more, the book traces the evolution of the business from the old days of horse and buggy deliveries to the high tech analytics of today.

“Jerry wanted to create a book that would capture the unique spirit of the candy business,” explains HWY Partners Co-President Betsy Harris. “He wrote the book to help future generations understand the early roots of the business and the ethics and values that were important then and remain important today,” adds HWY Partners Co-President Andrew Young.

We are proud to share the book with the industry and hope that Jerry’s legacy will be an inspiration to everyone in our business.

The team at HWY is always well prepared, confident, and a pleasure to work with.

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